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 After the success of the Five Fingers Classic, Vibram Five Fingers continues its legacy of giving unique and comfortable pairs of shoes to their customers as they launched the innovative Vibram Five Fingers Bikila. These new pair of shoes were intentionally made to give a more innate and efficient experience of walking not only for those who are fond of trekking and running, but also for those who want to use Five Fingers shoes as their daily footwear. VFF has stated on their website that the Five Fingers Bikila is their first model ingeniously made to promote a more natural and improved forefoot strike.

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How Are The Five Fingers Bikila Made?

  • Five Fingers Bikila’s are popularly used for fitness and running.
  • For its upper part, a Stretch Polyamide with TPU toe caps for protection is used.
  • For its sole, an Anatomical Pods TC-1 Rubber was used to give an extraordinary feeling of barefoot without sacrificing the abrasion resistance.
  • Lastly, a 3mm Polyurethane with Dri-Lex Sockliner was used as its footbed which gives superior protection and reduced packing over a sustained period of time.
  • The strap and the mesh of the Bikila offer a safe and snug fit to your feet.
  • The fibres of the cloth used for Bikila are vey intact, in great condition, and well built together.
  • The slip resistance feature of a usual VFF shoe is still there, so you can walk even on wet roads or floor without the risk of having an injury.
  • Like the VFF Classic, Bikila is also machine washable and can easily be air dried.
  • The flexible and lightweight characteristic of previous VFF shoes is still there as well as the comfort that it gives to its users.
  • Even with its $100 price tag, it’s reasonable for the quality and proven name in the market that it offers to its customers.

Five Fingers Bikila Women

Bikila Women

Five Fingers Bikila LS Men

Bikila LS Men

Five Fingers Bikila LS Women

Bikila LS Women

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Five Fingers Bikila User Reviews

This is another innovative shoe made by Vibram Five Fingers who was definitely successful in achieving its goal of giving a more natural running experience to their customers. Most of their customers are devoted athletes who gave thumbs up to Bikila for bringing out the best athlete that they can be. The natural development of the feey and legs can be achieved as you continue gaining strength and flexibility while using Bikila. At first, your shins and ankles are going to feel somewhat sore as you and your feet are still trying to adjust to the way it hits the ground. Use it on short distances at first so you can adjust the way you walk with Bikila until you finally get used to it. Eventually, your legs will become stronger as time progresses. One of the customers who made a testimonial about this product even recommends Bikila for those people who are having trouble with back pain. The comfort of walking with barefoot shoes can relieve back pain in the long run.

All in all, Five Fingers Bikila was another great product produced by VFF.  No doubt these pair of shoes are better than the ordinary shoes that we have and undeniably the perfect one for runners and trekkers.

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Vibram Five Fingers Classic Vibram Five Fingers Classic (also known as VFF Classic) marked the beginning of the barefoot era in the footwear industry. It’s like bringing back the primitive way of living through innovation. Its barefoot effect on the feet added with simplicity and uniqueness made it one of the most anticipated shoes ever released in the market. Because it was the first shoe to give a feeling of wearing nothing on your feet while walking, it became talk of the town and the curiosity of people made more demand for it. (Check discounted prices for a  few different styles) always has them for a great price.  We recommend Amazon because of their superior customer service and shipping policies.

How Are The Five Fingers Classic  Made?

This original design of Vibram Five Fingers is made from high-quality, durable materials such as abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide fabric for its upper part; Vibram TC-1 performance rubber for its sole part; Antimicrobial microfiber for its footbed; and lastly, a cloth that is machine washable for a convenient shoe cleaning experience.  Furthermore, its rubber sole with individual toe pockets helps strengthen the muscles not only in the feet but as well as in the lower legs. It also improves balance, agility, as well as your range of motion. The thin design on its rubber sole also improves flexibility and gives a slip resistance effect. Even its actual visage also varies from different colours – castle rock, gray, and verde for VFF Classic for men, while mauve, sand, and grey for VFF Classic for women – to add uniqueness and style that can suit your taste. Because of these features, the Five Fingers Classic are still widely used for fitness and yoga/pilates activities.

Vibram Five Fingers ClassicVibram Five Fingers Classic

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Five Fingers Classic User Reviews

Aside from having a unique pair of shoes, it also gives numerous advantages for whoever uses this product. Five Fingers Classic enables you to have better feet strength and flexibility that can gives you a comfortable feeling even if you already walked for hours and thousands of miles. This feature is also very helpful for those runners who want to increase their athletic performance. Five Fingers Classic is extremely lightweight and flexible which gives wearers an ineffable comfort while using it. You can also clean it as frequent as you want because it’s machine washable which is a nice convenience because shoes usually take a while to wash.  Most of all, its price is very reasonable compared to other performance-based shoes.

Like any other products in the market, it has some cons that previous users have said about it. Based on some customer reviews on regarding Five Fingers Classic, they had some difficulties in wearing these pair of shoes because it is different from the usual shoes that we have. Even the sizes they have released are somehow inaccurate even if they have the conversion of sizes posted on their site.

However, the Five Fingers Classic are very successful in captivating not only the needs but also the wants of their target market. There’s no such thing as perfect but it’s still a great product as long as their customers feel satisfied with what it can give.

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Vibram Five Fingers Komodo Sport Review

The Five Fingers KomodoSport – an improved version of the VFF KSO that will surely suit the taste of interested fitness enthusiasts. It was the first VFF shoe produced that is seamless and has hook-and-loop closures that secure the stretch nylon upper to the shape of the foot. Though it has some new features, it is still machine washable and air dry like the other previous VFF products. (Check current discounted prices on quite a few different colors) has many styles for you to consider as well as some of the lowest prices you can find them for.

How Are The Five Fingers Komodo Sport Made?

  • Vibrams Five Fingers KomodoSport is best for running and fitness activities.
  • Its upper part is composed of Stretch Mesh and Polyamide.
  • Its sole is made from TC-1 Rubber which is slightly thicker than what a KSO has.
  • It also has a patterned treads that somehow removes the feeling of walking barefoot. You can still feel the ground you are stepping on, but not to the same degree as KSO does.
  • Its footbed is made from 3mm PU & CoolMax to lessen chafing.
  • The KomodoSport has a 4mm Vibram TC1 performance rubber outsole that gives the right grip and security that you will need for different cross training activities.
  • Among VFF product lines, Five Fingers KomodoSport is the only model that has a removable insole or footbed. Its seamless footbed and lined interior add comfort to its wearers.
  • There are no stitches that can be felt while wearing it.
  • Some reviewers are commenting how the KomodoSport model has a little bit more padding compared to other VFF shoes.
  • It is available in Yellow, Black, Silver, and Grey for Men’s KomodoSport; Grey, Black, and Green for Women’s KomodoSport.
  • Its actual weight is 14.2oz. per pair, heavier than the other VFF shoes, but still lighter than the weight of an ordinary pair of shoes.

Five Fingers Komodo Sport Men


Five Fingers Komodo Sport Womens


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Five Fingers Komodo Sport User Reviews

Most of the customers are convinced and satisfied with the KomodoSports. They find it comfortable and easy to wear compared to other VFF shoes. Some of them love KomodoSport for having more padding because it decreases the friction effect that they feel while wearing it, while some aren’t as happy because they would actually prefer to feel more barefoot when walking.  Other customer reviews even stated that KomodoSports are not suitable for water activities.

I have noticed that a number of VFF customers who posted their reviews and testimonials used to compare the Five Fingers KomodoSport with the previous VFF shoes released, maybe because KomodoSport is a new one which was developed based from the previous models’ weaknesses, or they (the customers) are looking for something that they cannot find in the KomodoSports. To conclude what the customers have said based on their comparisons, Five Fingers KomodoSport can be used for running, trekking, and for fitness activities which do not require rugged and aggressive type of footwear. That’s it. But if you want more barefoot experience of walking, then go for the VFF KSO. If you’re a devoted runner, go for the VFF Bikila. If you want an extraordinary trekking adventure, go for the VFF KSO Trek or VFF Treksport.

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Five Fingers KSO Trek “A rugged outdoor performer” – that’s how Vibram Five Fingers describes their Five Fingers KSO Trek shoes on their website. These shoes are intentionally made for more rugged outdoor adventures, especially trekking. It aims to give a superior agile performance and security that you need while on your outdoor adventures. This is definitely perfect for runners and avid trekkers out there. (Check current discounted prices for different styles) has these for a great price.  We highly recommend seeing what they have available so you can save some money.

How Are The Five Fingers KSO TrekMade?

  • This Five Fingers KSO Trek are popularly used for trekking.
  • Its upper part and footbed is made from Kangaroo leather, specifically the K-100, to ensure the durability of its mesh against various terrains.
  • Its liner was developed for more extreme weather conditions. It lessens the chance of having punctures or loose seams of the upper part due to its close contact with rocks, pine needles, fallen branches, and sticks or twigs that can get stuck either on the top of the foot or between the toes.
  • The K-100 is known for its water resistance ability, which makes this shoe a better one than the previous KSO.
  • Its sole is composed of 4mm EVA Midsole & TC-1 Rubber which gives plating defence from stone bruising.
  • The treads used are 4mm thick, which is 2mm thicker than previous models to add protection.
  • VFF also applied an anti-microbial treatment to its leather to prevent any unpleasant smell that can develop over time.
  • Even with its cost, which is undeniably expensive compared to other VFF products, its quality and its famous Kangaroo leather feature makes it worthy to buy.

Five Fingers KSO Trek Men

Five Fingers KSO Trek Men

Five Fingers KSO Trek Women

Five Fingers KSO Trek Women

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Five Fingers KSO Trek User Reviews

Five Fingers KSO Trek offers the same great barefoot walking experience even if you’re walking on a level type of ground or terrain. It gives outstanding protection for your feet against those road hazards that we usually encounter while running or walking. Its traction feature really improved from what the Five Fingers KSO offers.  For a devoted trail runner, Five Fingers KSO Trek is a necessity.

Though Five Fingers KSO Trek seems too good to be true, it has also some disadvantages aside from its hefty price. Like the previous products of VFF, sizing is still one of the complaints from the customers. Kangaroo leather used for this product might cause issues for those people who are active in protecting animals.  Based on one of the reviews for this product, it already garnered some controversy from the time that VFF admitted that they used Kangaroo leather as part of this product.

Even with the controversy, there is no doubt that Five Fingers KSO Trek is another successful product of VFF. It represents the improved version of their VFF KSO, which is a very ideal product for everyone, especially for certified trekkers and runners. But for some practical reasons, you can use the Five Fingers KSO if you’re just going to trek on usual roads and trails. However, if you’re planning to go on an extraordinary adventure and want to undergo tough trek conditions, use the Five Fingers Trek that can ensure your protection from all sorts of terrain hazards.

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Vibram Five Fingers Treksport Review

Here are the Five Fingers Treksport for outdoor enthusiasts! Known for being the most foot friendly shoe in the market, Vibram Five Fingers continues to produce shoes that are intended for heavy duty trekking purposes. VFF Treksport is made from rugged high-quality materials that can really help you get the most out of your outdoor adventure. It has the most anticipated component of the KSO appearance, the best feature of KSO Trek performance, and the most loved comfort that the Bikila can give. As always, the flexibility, protection, and barefoot feeling that the VFF product lines used to have are also included in the Treksport features.

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How Are The Vibram Five Fingers Treksport Made?

  • Vibram Five Fingers Treksport is specially made for trekking purposes.
  • Its upper part is made from Coconut Active Carbon Fiber TPU toe protection to provide innate breathability.
  • Added with synthetic nylon, polyester and spandex, the Treksport’s can also offer you an optimum durability.
  • A 4mm EVA Midsole & TC-1 rubber is used for its sole with lightly cleated 4mm Vibram performance rubber to provide optimal traction for any terrain.
  • For its footbed, an antimicrobial microfiber was used to lessen the development of unpleasant smell due to foot perspiration.
  • Still on its footbed, it offers sufficient shield from cuts, scratches and contusions without sacrificing its flexibility to any movement of the foot.
  • VFF also added a toe guard in this model which provides extra protection for your toes.

FiveFingers Treksport Men

FiveFingers Treksport Men

FiveFingers Treksport Women

FiveFingers Treksport Women

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Vibram Five Fingers Treksport Users Reviews

People who have tried Five Fingers Treksport find it versatile because you can use them for more than just athletic activities; it can be for everyday use as well. A lot of customers who posted their reviews about the Treksports are satisfied with its simple, rugged, lightweight, and reliable features.

Five Fingers Treksport is like a combination of the 3 previous VFF products – the VFF KSO, VFF KSO Trek, and the VFF Bikila – but still, customers find some characteristics of this product to be unsatisfying. One of its drawbacks is still the sizing problem. Customers have been complaining about this since the pioneering stage of VFF, and yet, it is still a problem up to now. Their size conversion table posted on their website becomes unreliable to customers’ perspective.  In addition, customers also said in their testimonials that Treksport has no protection from water and therefore isn’t suitable for water related activities.

Vibram Five Fingers’ magic continues as it produces new models with superior features. The comfort and extra care that it gives to the feet is enough to capture the trust of not only those who are running and trekking enthusiasts, but as well as those people who want to give extraordinary care for their feet.

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If you want to relieve your tired feet from an all-day bondage from shoes, the FiveFingers KSO is just right for you. In fact, athletes use this special product to enhance the blood flow in their joint, muscle and feet. The best thing about this product is that the polyamide uppers are tough and resilient to any form of abrasion. You are assured that you will be using the FiveFingers for a long time. (Check current discounted price) definitely has the better price for these.  You can also read many more reviews about them there as well.

How Are The FiveFingers KSO Made?

When it comes to proper grip, the FiveFingers will never let you down. The hypalon straps are so sturdy that you will definitely love to run with these shoes on. This is better than your old rubber shoes. The additional feature is the anti-microbial microfiber which can reduce the progress of bacteria that can cause foul smell. These shoes are state-of-the-art and you will be surprised at how well your feet will feel after going for a run.

It is very important for a runner to feel the ground and the FiveFingers KSO does just that. The pair weighs 14 oz only and that is very light compared to running with rubber shoes. Other customers also love the grip especially when you are at the gym doing some lifting. The rubber grip works to keep your balance and to help you with your workouts at the gym.

FiveFingers KSO

FiveFingers KSO

FiveFingers KSO

FiveFingers KSO

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Users Reviews of The FiveFingers KSO

One reviewer who is very fond of barefoot running stated that, he really loves the cushioned FiveFingers KSO shoes with its custom-made orthotics. With this product, runners don’t have to worry about feet injury or even ankle injury. The reviewer further stated that he had plantar fasciitis and damage to his heel which made it rather difficult for him to run fast but after it was gone, he immediately noticed the changes and that his pace greatly improved. His strides became normal and the sharp pains on the soles of his feet suddenly disappeared.

Another reviewer stated that he started running with extreme luxury since he used the FiveFingers shoes. He could not believe at first that a pair of shoes can greatly affect his daily running and now he wouldn’t want to run without them. The FiveFingers have done so much for his feet and he became a strong runner from then on. This reviewer recommends this product not only to athletes but also to ordinary people who run on a daily basis.

However, one reviewer said that it took him a while to find the right size for his shoes. In addition to this, he did not like the extra padding because it only made the pair of shoes rather bulky. He also stated that the FiveFingers KSO is worth his money and that you soon won’t help but want to run barefooted style.

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