Five Fingers KSO Trek “A rugged outdoor performer” – that’s how Vibram Five Fingers describes their Five Fingers KSO Trek shoes on their website. These shoes are intentionally made for more rugged outdoor adventures, especially trekking. It aims to give a superior agile performance and security that you need while on your outdoor adventures. This is definitely perfect for runners and avid trekkers out there. (Check current discounted prices for different styles) has these for a great price.  We highly recommend seeing what they have available so you can save some money.

How Are The Five Fingers KSO TrekMade?

  • This Five Fingers KSO Trek are popularly used for trekking.
  • Its upper part and footbed is made from Kangaroo leather, specifically the K-100, to ensure the durability of its mesh against various terrains.
  • Its liner was developed for more extreme weather conditions. It lessens the chance of having punctures or loose seams of the upper part due to its close contact with rocks, pine needles, fallen branches, and sticks or twigs that can get stuck either on the top of the foot or between the toes.
  • The K-100 is known for its water resistance ability, which makes this shoe a better one than the previous KSO.
  • Its sole is composed of 4mm EVA Midsole & TC-1 Rubber which gives plating defence from stone bruising.
  • The treads used are 4mm thick, which is 2mm thicker than previous models to add protection.
  • VFF also applied an anti-microbial treatment to its leather to prevent any unpleasant smell that can develop over time.
  • Even with its cost, which is undeniably expensive compared to other VFF products, its quality and its famous Kangaroo leather feature makes it worthy to buy.

Five Fingers KSO Trek Men

Five Fingers KSO Trek Men

Five Fingers KSO Trek Women

Five Fingers KSO Trek Women

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Five Fingers KSO Trek User Reviews

Five Fingers KSO Trek offers the same great barefoot walking experience even if you’re walking on a level type of ground or terrain. It gives outstanding protection for your feet against those road hazards that we usually encounter while running or walking. Its traction feature really improved from what the Five Fingers KSO offers.  For a devoted trail runner, Five Fingers KSO Trek is a necessity.

Though Five Fingers KSO Trek seems too good to be true, it has also some disadvantages aside from its hefty price. Like the previous products of VFF, sizing is still one of the complaints from the customers. Kangaroo leather used for this product might cause issues for those people who are active in protecting animals.  Based on one of the reviews for this product, it already garnered some controversy from the time that VFF admitted that they used Kangaroo leather as part of this product.

Even with the controversy, there is no doubt that Five Fingers KSO Trek is another successful product of VFF. It represents the improved version of their VFF KSO, which is a very ideal product for everyone, especially for certified trekkers and runners. But for some practical reasons, you can use the Five Fingers KSO if you’re just going to trek on usual roads and trails. However, if you’re planning to go on an extraordinary adventure and want to undergo tough trek conditions, use the Five Fingers Trek that can ensure your protection from all sorts of terrain hazards.

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