Here are the Five Fingers Treksport for outdoor enthusiasts! Known for being the most foot friendly shoe in the market, Vibram Five Fingers continues to produce shoes that are intended for heavy duty trekking purposes. VFF Treksport is made from rugged high-quality materials that can really help you get the most out of your outdoor adventure. It has the most anticipated component of the KSO appearance, the best feature of KSO Trek performance, and the most loved comfort that the Bikila can give. As always, the flexibility, protection, and barefoot feeling that the VFF product lines used to have are also included in the Treksport features.

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How Are The Vibram Five Fingers Treksport Made?

  • Vibram Five Fingers Treksport is specially made for trekking purposes.
  • Its upper part is made from Coconut Active Carbon Fiber TPU toe protection to provide innate breathability.
  • Added with synthetic nylon, polyester and spandex, the Treksport’s can also offer you an optimum durability.
  • A 4mm EVA Midsole & TC-1 rubber is used for its sole with lightly cleated 4mm Vibram performance rubber to provide optimal traction for any terrain.
  • For its footbed, an antimicrobial microfiber was used to lessen the development of unpleasant smell due to foot perspiration.
  • Still on its footbed, it offers sufficient shield from cuts, scratches and contusions without sacrificing its flexibility to any movement of the foot.
  • VFF also added a toe guard in this model which provides extra protection for your toes.

FiveFingers Treksport Men

FiveFingers Treksport Men

FiveFingers Treksport Women

FiveFingers Treksport Women

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Vibram Five Fingers Treksport Users Reviews

People who have tried Five Fingers Treksport find it versatile because you can use them for more than just athletic activities; it can be for everyday use as well. A lot of customers who posted their reviews about the Treksports are satisfied with its simple, rugged, lightweight, and reliable features.

Five Fingers Treksport is like a combination of the 3 previous VFF products – the VFF KSO, VFF KSO Trek, and the VFF Bikila – but still, customers find some characteristics of this product to be unsatisfying. One of its drawbacks is still the sizing problem. Customers have been complaining about this since the pioneering stage of VFF, and yet, it is still a problem up to now. Their size conversion table posted on their website becomes unreliable to customers’ perspective.  In addition, customers also said in their testimonials that Treksport has no protection from water and therefore isn’t suitable for water related activities.

Vibram Five Fingers’ magic continues as it produces new models with superior features. The comfort and extra care that it gives to the feet is enough to capture the trust of not only those who are running and trekking enthusiasts, but as well as those people who want to give extraordinary care for their feet.

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